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We specialize in the Full-Time placement of all levels of Public Finance Bankers, Health Care Bankers, Municipal Financial Advisors, Compliance Officers, Traders, Underwriters Institutional Sales & Bond Counsels.  Unlike our competitors, opportunistic hiring is our watchword, we do not need “job orders”.  Our client companies know and trust us to find the best people nationwide for them.

As a nationwide Capital Markets recruiting firm, our mission is to uncover the hidden talent in the open market specifically in the areas of HealthCare Bankers, Public and Corporate Finance, Trading and Underwriting, Institutional Sales, Buy Side, and Special Projects.

When you contract with Novum Group to conduct a search on behalf of your company, we combine our 19 plus years experience in the finance industry along with the 25 years experience of our investment banking recruiter, a retired Public Finance Banker, to ensure that you only see the most qualified candidates.

Because of our expertise, we are uniquely positioned to understand the importance of finding candidates that will help your company compete more effectively and achieve significant and sustained growth.  Whether you are looking to hire a complete team, or you have a key position that you are looking to fill, our goal will be to meet and exceed your expectations.


Phase 1 - Initialize the search
  • Step 1: Develop client company message
  • Step 2: Define search requirements
  • Step 3: Brief the search team
  • Step 4: Create search strategy
    Phase 2 - Implement the search
    • Step 1: Identify short (quick-hit) list
    • Step 2: Interview and qualify
    • Step 3: Cross reference and verify
    Phase 3 - Selection
    • Step 1: Presenting and vetting
    • Step 2: Manage the logistics and processes
    • Step 3: Comprehensive reference check
    • Step 4: Pre-offer preparation
      Phase 4 - Extending and closing of offers
      • Step 1: Offer presentation
      • Step 2: Negotiation
      • Step 3: Formal acceptance
      • Step 4: Extensive post-acceptance follow-up

        Chicago, IL

        Head Of Capital Markets

        Los Angeles, CA

        Managing Director Public Finance

        St. Louis, MO

        Municipal Bond Underwriter

        Columbus, OH

        Municipal Bond Counsel

        Dallas, TX

        Public Finance Banker

        Denver, CO

        Compliance Officer

        San Antonio, TX

        Public Finance Banker

        New York City, NY

        Municipal Bond Counsel

        Los Angeles, NY

        Public Finance Banker

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